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Welcome to Skies of Fate. Here we work in tandem with Fate and the Divine. I Astra Fate strive to be transparent in all things and have 17 years of experience in various spiritual fields. I am an adept telepathist and  medium who works with fate magic and anism as well as creationism to bring forth unique astral items and friends for us all. I work hard and take pride and honor in what i do. If it was not for spirit i would not be where I am today. I have many health issues that do occasionally cause delays I do post these and orders at the below link.

I also plane walk, bilocate and dreamwalk use tarot, oracle, aeromancy, cartomancy and runes and have unique spirit journeys and ndes to offer. My works develop your spirit, primal, shadow and ethereal selves and much more. 

For shop policies please see the following link:

 My partner Demontrious specializes in the dark unknown mystical hexes, curses, transformations, chaotic and demonologist realms. He can do everything I can and more. He has 29 years of experience including exorcism. He strives to discover more of the unknown and show that while yes it is scary it is deserving of our respect and that we can coexist. He is antisocial and typically leaves his orders in a more private and confidential manner than myself.  We share a work email   

We thank you all for the honor of working with you and treat each and every being with respect and as family This provides a unique experience for all who come through.

After all, Fate guided you here and Fate welcomes you.  So come and transcend yourself with our aid!