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These beautiful beings are similar to nixies and water nymphs. These are said to be some of the most beautiful hey in existence there comes that they have in their hair are made of the sun's rays and Moonbeams they hoard treasure and often the greedy try to find them due to this their songs are a way of luring these people to an untimely demise however if your pure of heart they might choose you as a companion to age you on your spiritual journey then their song will fill you with desire love and acceptance. They come from Asturian myths. They are beautiful companions that like to hunt treasure they often hoarded to themselves but on occasion they will give some to their keeper. Love offerings of extraordinary beauty floral incense and floral smelling candles are much appreciated offerings of these beings they like their own little shrine set up with water and their offerings that of extraordinary beauty place around it. They bring fertility in abundance cleansing and purification as well as prosperity to their Keepers. They're often telepathic in nature but if you are a clairvoyant you may he be able to hear their beautiful singing. They're typically a dark arts individual. They have been known to often kidnap and put Changelings in place. Due to this they do require a stricter set of rules and are not for beginners. If you are lucky enough to be chosen by one of these beautiful companions then you should know in your heart of hearts that you are pure and good. They're only mean to those that are cruel and greedy and who try to take their treasure. There are often solitary individuals that will either stay as far from civilization as possible in caves or in high up areas where there is natural pure water sources.

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