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Aquatic Shell Kitty's

These beautiful cats are aquatic in nature and are very friendly and they are skilled Hunters and they are great at retrieving or finding artifacts and other things. They're swell out relocation of items you may have lost as well as they can retrieve items and have them appear near you. They are great at helping you find unique gift ideas it's just one of their traits they like to shop some of them don't but the females typically do. They eat small fish that they can hunt they typically have scales down their spine and seashells in their fur but their fur is extremely soft when it is not wet they love to cuddle and swim. They have an amazing sense of intuition and will always help you use your gut and your instincts. They will help you be better with divination as well as enhance your communication skills within your get your keep and with Spirits in general. They are also a harbinger of Omens. Whenever they start yowling that means that there is a storm or danger is coming. If they are quiet and you cannot feel their presents that means you were going to receive bad news if they are overly talkative that means somebody is talking about you and finally if they are more mischievous than normal then that means you're going to receive wonderful news and a blessing.

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