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Ara macao Sapis

These gorgeous and amazing mccaw humanoids generally and habit the islands off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico they are known to inhabit the islands of Haiti the Dominican Republic and in the Bahamas although you'll rarely see them outside the spiritual plane due to how humanity has become as well as how many storms have been ravished the islands over the years. They rocked the Earth physically last during the time of the Aztec,Mayans and Incas. They are a treasure hunters pirates they're capable of bringing you wealth, banishing negative beings,purifying energies, and healing, protection and fertility. They're so she added with summertime the direction South and have an affinity with Sun they bring healing energies through colors and the light. Their Energies are always highly noticable and seen during Mardi Gras and if you are there during the festival you may actually see one of these intelligent beings shining through the veil due to how much the energetic vibrations call them to be present. They are a vegan species but thsy also enjoy old coins and shiny trinkets as well for offerings. They LOVE TO DANCE SING AND PARTY.

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