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These beings look like a bean sidhi and fairies at the same time. They use gardening magic love to sing have the appearance of a ladybug and a beetle at the same time. They are gifted and scrying prosperi helping with self-confidence and self-esteem as well as depression as well as help obe and with akashic records. They are also experts at seer abilities as well. Enjoy offerings of peach slices and mango slices. They also enjoy Peach smelling candles Sandalwood oil and Patchouli incense as well as frankincense and myrrh resin. They typically appear as a ladybug with a humanoid face or energy orbs they can cause temperature increase or decrease they can also appear as light orbs as well as they can appear in their actual Fae like form. They love to dance and sing and it is a large part of their community Festivals typically require all to participate and input something in order to renew their cycle as well as for all to be charged and cleansed for the new one

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