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Binding Methods

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Spirit bindings Process:

Step 1 Conjure and Vetting

I set a circle of protection and preparation of sandalwood and mug wort. I then place Angelic root on my third eye for a moment to enhance my communication. I then place a calling(is safer than summoning). I then proceed to ask questions( I can see the being) if it is an unvetted being I proceed with respect and cautionary steps. This depends on how I proceed to vetting.

Once I know for sure the being is safe after many interviews and negotiations I proceed to collect information for my Encyclopedia. If only one at that time wish to be homed I continue to vet the being for various periods of time. This includes me watching their culture and respecting their traditions and honoring their laws. I for a time will not even have the being listed. Once I know it is safe and that I can proceed I list the beings information with a picture of their choice.

Step 2: Listed

Once listed I wait until they have a home and once they do I proceed to ensure energy is a strong mesh and that they are drawn. I also ask questions of the being ensuring their feelings are taken into account. I treat them like my own family giving them offerings and catering to their needs they even live in my Castle(astral keep) until they find a home if they desire or they use my hall to come and go and they please. *this is how I do the callings and summoning. I place them with only beings who are willing to find a companion and ask all throughout the process. We here at Skies of Fate do not have nonexistent beings occur as the way we work prevents not only this and we do not Hullcinate or do any mind altering substances. We are of clear body spirit and mind. We do not ever make these kinds of mistakes. So if your having trouble it is something else and we will work to find out what. I can astral, planewalk and hear and see all beings. My senses are extremely sharp and I am highly intune we can even channel and use many forms of Divination. ^...^

Step 3. They have found a home.

Once they have found a home I proceeded to complete the binding. I focus with clear intent on the being and the customers energy I then proceeded to bind with psychic energy and in the use of foreign tongues I cast. My binding is pure energy and using my third eye to see it i then bind to each.

I am a telepath and Clairsentient indvidual who has 13 years of Spirit communication and come from a family that this is hereditary. My partners methods are different and he is very private he has 22(at the time this was originally written) years and is hereditary. We do use various spells and for the sacredness of our work we do not post these as they are unique to us. We add cloaking, anti-tampering and a safety net that only allows us to unbind and see the being as well as only allows the keeper to communicate and if someone whose not being truthful that you purchased a reading from it will be a false reading. As I spefically place spells on our bindings that do this. It is to protect our beings and bindings from outside forces this does not alter or force or hurt the spirit or entity in any way shape or form.

For ex: however one day I may use Ancient Chinese for a yuki-onna and the next day I might use Gaelic for a banshee. Then under that antitamper is Sanskrit and Sumerian as well as Aramaic. This makes it very difficult to read unless you know these languages. I also do not bind on the astral plane. I call them to the psychical and do my process here. This makes them able to come and go however they desire. then to finish the binding I burn some Solomon Seal root which is actually for bindings anyway. This process does take a bit. I also use my telepathy and mind abilties to bind as well. So this varies things depending upon the being. However all are out if free will. During the entire process I repeatedly asked to ensure the beings comfort that they are able to be just the way they are as if there were no binding and that there is no pain and that The Binding is perfect these are things that I always ask before finishing and before sending the being home to a their keeper. The way I do things there is no possibility of forcing the being at all. for those who try to say things about my bindings and about how I do things they are being influenced by either a trickster or something else because with callings and the way i do this if they have any hesitation I immediately stop then and there. If they suddenly dont wish to be bound I stop I do not continue. When I use the my gifts I actually am able to link with them and feel what they feel and this would tell me if a being is what it says or if they are lying. My binding when finished ends up being similar to a handfasting bracelet and a energy tether they can easily break this Binding if they dont wish to stay feel abused neglected etc.

For some species their bindings are there not just for your protection but also for the beings protection without the binding this means that they do not have to uphold the contract that they negotiated and created with us. A lot of the them find comfort and solace in the Binding because of the way they assist and help each of them. They have seen my binding and it is clearly outlined in the contract so they are aware of what they are getting into. I can't always predict what every person is going to do to their companions however I don't sugarcoat nor do I lie to anyone. My binding is referred to as a fate knot so unless you are a fate or have been shown how to undo my binding the likelihood of being able is none. Each individual being that i vet is shown how to undo their binding.

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