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Blushing Stags

Blushing Stags vetted 03/19/19 to 03/18/22

These beautiful Staggs endowed get their name from the fact that their color seems to be a slight blush color and in the spring the flowers along their antlers Bloom they are very beautiful and elegant creatures to behold. Whenever it gets to be solve the flowers do tend to come off of their antlers this does not mean 250R or stag are passing on the simply means that it is time for them to go dormant like a plant. Their Cycles are much like that of a rose bush or a plant they go dormant in the fall and winter and they are alive and blooming in the spring and summer. They go into their form of fertility cycle once every four years which is very very diverse and different than most beings this is simply because it takes a while for them to be able to gain the trust and mate. As far as their abilities they are gifted in telling you what your Patronus is hoping with your spirit guides and animal medicine they are capable of leading you to where you can discover which animal totem is yours and which animal spirit you have. They're very intune with the great spirit and with Native American culture. They are a creature that is both beloved and dear to my ancestry! This is an exclusive that is offered by me although demon does have permission to conjure them if he so chose. They live in Asaiya or you can also find them Aya Nebe and other areas that are portals for us.

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