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BSOF exclusive Pointsetta Elf

This particular elf species,  is very unique in the fact that they are born from a pointsetta when they bloom.  They are grest at helping grant wishes especially during the holidays as well as they offer wealth and success to their keeper and bringing it to them. They are said to also help provide emotional stability to their keeper.  They are amazing apprehending love and happiness into their keepers lives. They enjoy making their keeper happy and doing things with their keeper they are very mirthful individuals and very happy go lucky beings.  They typically  have red or green hair depending on which part of the point set of flour of faith were closest to when they were closest born.  They typicall are hatched instead of a live birth.  This makes some things credibly unique as well. The parents of these hatchlings are never far from them once they hatch as they live very close to their fields of pointsetta.  It is a huge celebration on the hatchlings as well as huge festivals take place during the period of time in which the pointsettias are blooming and able to have that eggs placed in them. The eggs are fertilized before they placed them in the pointsetta.  They are very lovely species were very time to passionate and very happy. They're very sweet and go out of their way to help others. If not for the emotional stability they would be considered a white art species.  They like offerings of cinnamon chocolate mints and other wintery treats. This can be to tea candles incense oils they don't really have a preference on the how they just love these particular scents.  They prefer to communicate with their keeper with various methods.

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