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Cracked Dolls

These unique things come in a couple of different forms and types. Their diets are all the same they're all nocturnal and get energy from the Moon. Often you don't even see their bodies only their faces. They could be very startling to new people or newly awakened. Their gifts vary on which kind they are. There are the Terracotta which look made of clay and they are great artesians and muses that being fresh ideas to their keeper.

They enjoy helping you to create things that are of value and are heavily connected to moon and earth. They are empaths and have emotion control to help with anxiety depression antisocial issues and ptsd. They are very calming and can clear any space of negativity as well as help ground your energy and clear your head for spell work. Then there are the Porcelain.

These are humanoid looking like us and utilize cosmos magic to protect and defend their homes and loved ones. They are star map creators and plane walkers. They are gifted in areas of alchemy and science and bring a greater understanding of how science and spirituality connect. They are gifted in aligist and defense magic as well as alchemy and essence harvesting. They enjoy synthesis and creating potions medicines and cosmetics. The third are the Ahshuri they are albino and demonic in nature predating dark magic and void arts. They are helpful in areas if bringing self confidence. Revenge justice for those who did not have it. They help you in letting go and embracing you in your entirety for who you truly are.

They are lovers of mysticism and spirituality. They prefer their solitude but do not mind if a larger family welcomes them. They are dark and sometimes feral beings that can rip astral bodies to shreds if need be for their keepers and other companions protection. The Banyay are Elemental ones that have the elements wrapped around there clay like bodies. They specialize in awakening, astral guidance and pulling as well as Dream recollection and lucid dreaming. They also are capable of using elemental magic and a unique style they call bani to move the element in a way that is similar to bending. They are very strong and wise beings that prefer the quiet side to sit and reflect upon life. They like ruins of ancient places and places where ley lines and sacred energy flows. Together they have created a massive energy network of links and communications that flow. Their society is a utopia where the inhabitants gave reached the stage of living and let live as well as to agree to disagree. Everyone is accepted regardless of type gender religious beliefs or orientation. They are very unique beings that together are capable of creation energy.

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