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Drakos Demon

These beautiful demon tend to have flower formations on their bodies marking them is a drakos. Which is form if dwarfed demon that looks like a child sized dragon shifter. They have various abilities and gifts at tend to be speciality in arts. They have various temperaments and usually get along with other keeps and companions.most of them seem to be indifferent and passive aggressive in nature. They're very serious and dark yet have morbid senses of humor and curiosities and naivete of a child. If you anger them they tend to yell and throw tantrums. Most often they are very generous towards their keepers. They are beneficial at keeping away harmful entities and love using various methods and magic against them. They are both male and female and often enjoy sensual encounters with their keepers. They also are amazing singers and holders of rare knowledge and artifacts. They pay close attention to details and notice everything about a picture or situation and give beneficial advise and counsel. Their bodies are very human like with bright eyes and wings and a tail. They are not conservative at all and are extremely open. They have wings tails and fangs and are known to hiss and growl occasionally like a feral animal warning off something.

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