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These beautiful and cute little flying beings are a small bird that is also a type of fae. They are severely sensitive to Spirit and empathic. The slightest form of negative energy around you that isn't supposed to be there will set them off and they will start crying this is how they protect their keeper and is a coping mechanism that they developed over time. When this happens it shows you that it is time to cleanse and help your sanctum or Sacred Space be wiped free of negative energies and anything that shouldn't be there. When these things are happy they're extremely so and it is quite easy to make them happy all you have to do is pay attention to them once a day and they start smiling and they make chirping noises. Fanjoy offerings of fruit slices floral incense and oils and are typically vegans. Their form of bird like familiar spirit. Their environment is tropical but they can survive in any environment if it's too cold though they will not go outside with you. They are bioluminescent and you can sometimes see them as gifts of energy or as their whole body. They are capable of manifesting themselves as it does not take much energy for them to diffuse because of how sensitive they are they get energy from the offerings that they are provided as well as from the natural environment. This is one being that if you go into a gem store or new age store because they are highly drawn to gemstones herbs and incense and will try to get you to buy everything. They have a miniature shopaholic streak in them for these items. you will find yourself buying items for different spells and not knowing what you're doing until you have all the ingredients and then it'll create something amazing and white arts-based this is due to how in-tune they are with you that they can influence you in this type of way.

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