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Feline Shifters


These custom conjurer's are cheetah shifters. They have an in-between form a cheetah form and a human form. They are gifted at tracking tracing and helping you find people who made you have ill magic or curses against you so you can get retaliation there also excellent guards.


This playful shifters are entertaining and fun to be around there the life of the party but they are also serious when needed. They're useful at tracking hunting and guarding their Keepers as well as entertaining you when necessary some of them have Magics but the majority of them are just really good at tracking and being fast.


This custom conjures are of lion shifters. They have an in-between form a lion form and a human form. They are great companions are very lovable and you're fantastic at certain kinds of magic and being a guard.


This is a conjure of a panther shifter they change between a panther and in between form and human form. They are exceptional at certain types of magic and it guarding their keeper.

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