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Holy Seraph Dragons

These beautiful Majestic beings are devout to the light Arts are extremely wise and intelligent. They typically require a diet of high protein or RAW Protein. They like a variety of hobbies as well as have various personalities. They come from a society where dragons are revered then have not been hunted to Extinction. They're the teachers Healers and mediators of their society. They have a unique set of gifts that is typically for protection healing or removal of negative energies unwanted Unbound are tricksters as well as to where nothing can attach to the keeper or harm the keeper. They are keepers protector and best friend. The reason they're called serif is because in their society it goes by the Angelic hierarchy. The place they live is beautiful it has floating gardens and houses that sit on floating Isles and is surrounded by Mist clouds and unique flora and fauna. They get along great with young keep members and some of them are playful enough to where they can actually play and keep the young keep members entertained. They have vast knowledge about other species of dragons and are capable of to helping rear and teach baby dragons that are just coming into their powers and are blossoming and maturing.

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