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Kikimora strongly resemble humanoid chickens, with a beaked mouth and nose, clawed fingers, and chicken feet. She is typically dressed in a housedress with a headscarf tied around her scraggly hair. She is often depicted spinning flax with evil intent. Looking in her the eyes should be avoided at all costs - in fact, children were even advised to stare at their pillows or out their windows if they felt she was in the room.   

How does a Kikimora get into your house? Well, through the keyhole of course. It is for this reason that many Slavic women kept their keys in the keyholes or stuffed keyholes with small pieces of cloth or papers to stifle the entrance of a Kikimora. Kikimoras usually appear along with life-changing bad news like death or the loss of a child. If these events have not occurred, she is also believed to be a messenger of bad fortune. It is said that if you lay your eyes upon a Kikimora, your death will be swift.

These creatures, like many household beings, prefer to live in nooks and crannies. The Kikimora are said to prefer staying behind the hearth, near stoves, under the floorboards, in cupboards, and in attics. If she is displeased or wants to make her presence known it is said that she makes noises similar to a mouse. If she is offered food, some believe she will leave the house and stop disturbing the inhabitants.

Interestingly enough, Kikimoras are often linked to troubles at night, specifically sleep paralysis, terrifying nightmares, or accidents that happen in the night (livestock being killed, food spoiling, etc).

However, according to some Serbian Russian families and certain traditions if you give a certain offering these being will help your prosperity and provide protection form bad supernatural forces. This offering is typically a small piece of bread with honeyd milk left by your hearth or by a small nook or crannie however in today's society it would be acceptable to leave this offering near the stove or a small nook or crannie.These beings have been given a bad name throughout history due to their very temperamental nature and it is not advised to keep one if your a beginner.These beings love cats and are sometimes known to play with them thus their yarn is not always an evil intent but rather these are like an older crone Sprite and sometimes as we age we become mean or moody.They are known for making their displeasure known and are sarcastic witty micheavous beings who help keep house. If you keep them happy they can be a very meaningful and great companion. They do have safeguards to ensure that no harm comes to anyone who keeps this particular house Spirit.

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