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Is there a type of ancestral deity male or female it really just depends on your family lineage and you. They're type of Guardian spirit that helps the family with various gifts and abilities defining them with one type of gift set or another is very pointless because everyone's family has unique obstacles and requires unique set of gifts. Where everyone's ancestry is so blended it is difficult to Define what style of being will come forth with their abilities and gifts are going to be as well as which ancestry will be pulled from. This is a unique conjure that goes with your family ties and will help you with them. They are teachers mentors Guardians and much more they not only guard you but your entire family line itch and the Legacy that she wished to leave behind or what you wish to change. Some even help prevent dishonor spiritually and with Earthly problems and obstacles. They're linked to you and typically communicate in the best way that you know how from beginning and through enhancing and learning and growing spiritually together they help you overcome many obstacles that you might come against in your path.

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