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Nature spirits

These beings are from the wilds and Meadows of the Astral none of them look exactly the same and all of them can appear differently at will they can of look frightening they can appear with wings or without they protect the meadows and Wilds of the astral Realm they are gorgeous race with unique abilities that differ from one to the other working together as a species they provide balance and Harmony as well as defense and protection to The Meadows and Wilds of the astral Realm. These unique beings can change based on nature their job is the guard the forest. They are connected at molecular level.

They enjoy offerings of various fruit slices, flower petals or incenses and candles. They also enjoy woody scents in oils or candles. They eat a varied diet some are herbivores some are carnivorous others can be omnivores. They guard the forest from all at the cost of their life if needed. They can even take in energy from photosynthesis if they are plant like. They would look like a plant to the unsuspecting explorer until you try to take a leaf flower or chop or burn some wood then they shift into giant nature beings to guard and defend their homes. Once finished they go back to being a simple tree or flower to the unsuspecting eyes. They have been around for eons and will last long after us they teach is the importance of balance respect for nature grounding yoga and mediation they represent the ancient and mystic of the land that our ancestors knew about long before we existed. They teach us about prosperity and why staying alert is important. They teach survival and honor. They show us the totem and the symbolism of earth and the balance of realms.

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