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Nightgaunt Demon

These beings are the things that nightmares are made of literally. They peer at you around corners. They can cause nightmares shatter the psyche are great for protection from domestic abuse and violence of any kind and there have been known to appear and intimidate and scare people to the point where they pissed themselves. They are very dark an are from the depths of the Abyss. HP Lovecraft has mentioned these dark and twisted beings. This is an entity that has just about no moral compass whatsoever. These are perfectly fierce protectorates. With them you have no fear and do not need to fear anything else.

They do have a tendency to Nom on flesh. They require offerings of blood or skin dead or partially living it does not matter as well as is red or black candles. These typically manifest during REM sleep and you sometimes see them in between waking and sleeping but typically people brush it off is just part of a dream. They typically appear as whatever you fear the most but make it worse they can appear over your bed over your body or in the corner of the room. The darkness is their friend it is their best friend. These beings are also exceptional for helping people work through their fears and getting over their past if they fear that and hoping you work through things. They are what goes bump in the night.

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