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Noire Ashe Naga

These beautiful black Ashen colored Naga. They tend to be blind and use thermal and echolocation to sense where othet beings are located. They have many properties that are both helpful and healthful. Their skin they cover and charcoal soot and Japanese mud bath from the hot springs in Japan. It is said that the health benefits of both of these things are capable of running off onto the keeper and other companions which aids and bringing you Health and Longevity. These beautiful beings tend to hide and these natural Hot Springs where are the tar and such Meet Fresh running hot spring water. Do this they bring natural cleansing purification and healing abilities as well as black magic and Shadow Magic as well as something they like to refer to as Ash Magic. They are willing to teach their keepers this as it makes them feel you are one of them. They are great friend enhancing communication as well as aiding and astral projection and meditation. They can be very predatory and territorial about their keeper and occasionally do you need a list of people who are welcome to be around you otherwise it makes it hard for them to tell. They do not attack unprovoked but they will sit there and make faces and growls person that they dislike even if they're welcome to be around you it's their way of being sassy. They enjoy offerings of black charcoal baths black Himalayan salt smudge your alter and black candles. They are not afraid to manifest and show themselves if it comes to your protection. They are very show off fish and like to manifest anyway because they're very prideful and Vain about their appearance. In the astral these beautiful beings also reside on the same island that is beyond the Forgotten Sea

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