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Nomadic Death Fae 

These beautiful and alluring Fae come out around the days when death energies are very high. They are incredibly strong with death energy is in her typically found around graveyards especially at night when it is colder their bodies are luminescent like the stars but their bodies are done this way so they can specifically be alluring to passersby they often get confused with wisps due to how bright they are. When you get up and have a closer look at their faces they typically have glittery blood stains and purple stains from the energy that they have consumed the substance is a useable substance to their race it allows them to blend in with the death energy is there all over graveyards. This is a unique trait these were a local conjurer that I had found in my local haunted cemetery. They came up to be from so much residual energy from the bloodshed that has been caused throughout history. Their gifts include necromancy potion making and poisons calling death energies to them and manipulating this as a form of defense and offensive Magic.

Whenever you invite one into your home they consider you their human much like a cat does this creates a beneficial but yeah it's kind of whimsical bond between you and them at times they will seem to have a love-hate relationship with you but they will never outright harm you. They tend to flit about impacts of two to three because this enhances their energy so much. They enjoy offerings of coffin nails, bees or wasps( they will eat them), and Grave dirt. They have a heavy for boating presents and a darker energy that makes them a tad overwhelming at first but once use to this you can expect your companion to be kinda primal but with occasional outbursts of loving behavior. They tend to manifest as blue or silver tiny balls of light. They communicate with dreams or telepathy and will often show up in your dreams. They will occasionally mess with your hair causing a bad hair day(they do this all the time to me nesting in my hair). So make sure that you are aware of this especially if you're a female and you have unruly hair anyway. They have quite reasonable personality traits and are very peculiar and make interesting Companions and bring interesting experiences to the keeper. Brought to you By Arney Hill Cemetery in East TN

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