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This is a type of being that isn't truly a dragon it separately is much smaller than your average dragon as well as comes in various colors the main difference between this and a normal Dragon besides their size as the way the claws are formed as well as the way the wingspan is and pseudodragons only have one eye.

Sof Sub Species

Earth: the species is born deep within the Earth where magma and rock and crystals form. The Earth Nestle's and cradles them as they reach maturity.


Grows to maturity and cinnamon patches and is cute it puts off the aroma of a cinnamon and is gifted in aromatherapy and often sneezes and is kind of clumsy.


These little cuties look like pterodactyls/lizards and come in a very rainbow and a bright color. They often help with primordial magic spell-casting dreamwalking and divisions.

Stoney Storm:

This particular one is a hybrid of Earth, air and water. They're capable of using all three elements and are highly Elemental when it comes to how their magic works they're severely empathic and are typically in tune with the Earth in a variety of ways.

Golden: biggest wonderful and cute cuties have a very golden skin from being they are gifted in dream walking healing and Celestial Magic.

Each pseudo-dragon Sub Species has its own various form of offerings that it prefers they also have various personalities and each one has its own specific Works they're extremely cute companions and are beginner-friendly.

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