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Purpose of The Grimoire

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

So I'm writing this blog entry because I've noticed that quite a few people that have been New to us have not realized a couple of things. This is just an informational post about the book of fate. The Book of Fate will likely not actually be entirely complete for many years . It is simply a book that entitles all of the vettings of species that we have come across and made sacred contracts with. I made this so if at any point in time or shop gets too overcrowded we can remove some listings but that will always be in the book of fate. So that way there is a resource information for anyone to utilize to where they can custom order different conjurations that we are contracted sacredly to do so with. As well as it gives you more information about where the species comes from what their civilization is like so if you decide to visit their while plane walking or astral projecting with your companion you know what to do be alert for what you might experience what the people are like what type of environment it is and what art category they tend to be there. This is why the book appears to be in complete. This is also due to when we moved our website we had to compile things in a restricted amount of time before losing all of our backups when we moved from Shopify to this platform. when we post a new posting there's a certain area of the website that we are unable to organize it simply puts the newest postings first that way you can see the newest content available from us. This gives you the best Advantage if you like keeping up with what we write. It also puts these into the categories that are listed in the book of Fate which is by alphabetical order. I hope this list some of the confusion that many have been faced with when using our book of fate. We update this as quickly as we are able to however we tend to put a priority on our customer orders at this time because we are backlogged. Thank you for your patience and understanding. You all are beautiful and have lovelies souls.

Brightest Blessings


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