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Ranmio Sphyx

These Elegant Sphyx are from the realm Ranmio. It is a unique place full of wonders and peculiarities. This particular species of this type of being is very elegant sophisticated as well as prideful and polite they get along well with humans are actually used in the courts of this place for Guardians and to tell when something is or a species is lying about something it did. They have various personalities as well as various hobbies that they all enjoy. They typically like offerings of black or white candles and a type of wine or alcoholic beverage. Some of them instead of alcohol will prefer tea or burnables as well as incense or flower petals. This typically depends on the gender as well as how the being was raised on its home planet. They're gifted in the reading of tasseomancy also known as tea leaves leaves. They have Future sight to see what is best for their keeper and provide the most success happiness and peace of mind. They're experts at helping you make decisions. They can tell when you're being tricked or lied to by a being. They can read bindings and ensure the safety of keepers and companions when others can not or are not trusted. In their home planets there the persecution the jury as well as they are capable of ensuring that the safety of the trial and honor of the situations are kept. They are also experts spellcasters and can keep a clear mind no matter what is going on around then. They can teach you astral projection and guided meditation and are very patient mediators and teachers as well. They really love their tea and if not included when you drink a cup will will sneak a sip when you are not looking.

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