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These unique demons are very similar to a phoenix and how they live and pass away. The island that's currently being created in Hawaii that's bleeding into the ocean vast amounts of lava on the island plants are trying to grow however where the lava continues feeling it keeps killing off the plants the roses from this that are dying off or how these beings are created. Essentially they are trying to outshine their parents and grow and mature and their parents energy is too strong so it's killing them and they continue to be reborn out of the ashes of their death.Pele is there mother their father is an nature demon. When they pass on they carry the flower all over their body of the flower that they were before they died they also receive unique markings of various colors on their bodies they are usually pale and complexion for the males the females however are usually very uniquely complected. The females and Young have a unique characteristic of when they get frustrated or worried they will talk backwards or repeat themselves which is kind of confusing.

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Well no one is sure how these individuals came to be it seems their race is as old as Yggdrasil itself. Born with runes all over their bodies and dark markings often looking of Germanic Scandinavian o


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