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Sansi Sharks

These unique beings are found off the coast of Malta in a alternate reality of our own. This alternate reality was accessed during plane walking phases by me. These creatures are unique and stand on four legs and are land and sea abled. A lot of the evolution changes of this place in this timeline have occurred differently than in our own. They are still predators in their own timeline. They're great at guarding and protecting people Keepers and companions. This is due to they often hunt the other predators and are considered a natural Superior predator in their areas. They typically sleep in the sand which is where they get their name from. When they meet a keeper or person that they like they act like they are there guard dog and are very loving and sweet and will never let you to come to any harm. They are capable of Defending you with their very sharp teeth and claws. They can create wards shields and barriers and prevent any ill will or magic from impacting you.

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