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These cute little delicate creatures that look like foxes with wings i named them shobits. They get along great with most individuals are highly cleansing. They are Hunters of treasure enjoy having a high protein diet as well as communicate via thought an image projection. They're gifted in ridding your astral space of Unbounds and pests. They are extremely cuddly and very loving. They love to show off hence why we call them Show Bits. They're known if someone tries to try and harm them they will look up at them and growl. They is used as a self-defense mechanism and to intimidate their predator or whoevers threatening them. This is the third creature that is in the astral realm that I created. They live up in the trees similar to how squirrels do. If you passed by they might just prank you by throwing fruits or nuts at you as you wonder by. They really like to show off and like attention too.

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