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Smoke Angels

These beautiful angels are not like others instead of appearing as full bodies or streaks of light they appear as a mist and smoke. They're extremely lighthearted a gray to neutral arted being some can be dark arts as well but it's a little harder to find those. They are lower frequency individuals that have ended up passing away due to fires or tragic accidents. The Manifest is smoke and they appear as if smoke you cannot always see a full-fledged Angel shape with them. They're typically nocturnal beings as the light tends to hurt their eyes. They're gifted and hoping guide you into astral projection lucid dreaming opening your gifts cleansing negative energies from your Sacred Space or around you as well as gently removing blockages and helping heal third eye chakra as well as other chakras if it's needed. They typically enjoy offerings of incenses oils or candles the door floral or fruity incense however sometimes you will have one that has an offering that is unique to itself. They tend to contact individuals via dream communication telepathy Clairvoyance or tarot depending on your experience level they may even use music to communicate at times. They tend to like lighter music such as Colbie Caillat Halsey Lana Del Rey and similar artists that doesn't necessarily have to be that category just soft and melodic.

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