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Snow Ghoul

These evil Snow people are a type of demonic that appear as if they are snow men and women but in reality they're ghouls that appear in the Tundra's when you're all alone they typically a series of three questions these three questions when they're not bound to determine if they'll kill you and eat you or if they'll let you survive. They are not a species I would recommend that a inexperienced practitioner meet in the wild. As companions are fiercely protective and loyal and will go out of their way to secure deals for you and prosperity for you as well as when it comes time for the winter season to be over they do spells and rituals for their keeper to make sure that the next season in the cycle of life is just as fruitful as the winter was they bring abundance and fertility but also similar thing is fully represent death and rebirth. They can awaken dormant abilities through near-death experiences if you ask them. They enjoy offerings of cinnamon bark and Evergreen branches. One unique trait about these goals is that they never unthaw there snow is permanent the legend has it that they were so cold while alive that in their death they were unable to have their ice melted.

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