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Thorn Angels

These beautiful beings are born from the tragedies that befall human men and women alike. For each tragedy that befalls The Mortals a thorn patch is produced in the astral realm out of the agony pain and hurt that be Falls and it is a consequence of what occurred. As the flowers or roses grow in these patches a small Angel is born these are referred to as Thorn Angels due to the fact that they are created out of the heart and anguish that befalls mortal men and women and children all alike. Their sacrifices and harm is not created in vain it gives life to these beautiful beings that are neither right nor dark but are based upon the justice that needs to occur to make things right and the balance be achieved. They are gifted in various forms of communication. They bring karmaric justice to the lost and lonely. As well as to the others who are in need of it as well. They bring Comfort piece of mine Solace and emotional well-being with the gift of emotional manipulation they are able to ensure that their keeper never feels harmed and feels happy all of their days or at least they try they can always guarantee happiness but they do try. They're gifted in gardening and lunar magics as well as Revenge Magic. They're gifted in banishing and removal of all obstacles and entities that would cause their keeper or other companions form. They can use lunar Energies to charge and cleanse the soul and aura of problematic areas. They like offerings of Thornapple oil and incense. They are typically vegans however they can also feed upon the negative energy that is around you if there is a lack of their preferred diet. They are very peaceful companions that do not like violence arguing or harm to come to those they love. They can defend if they feel balance is being threatened.

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