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Toxicious (Tox-she-sis) Ilunimfelis

This exotic species is a feline tight predator they have all the experience and aware of a vampire this sexual drive of a succubus the fire of a fire own mental and the behavioral patterns of a feline. They are a beautiful species where females have the superior genetic code. Females are often the hunters as well as the caretakers. They are highly intuitive and productive species the way that they choose their keeper is by circling around them as if a primal and prey relationship however instead of acting like they are going to attack you they don't they simply look at you with curiosity before making excited noises. This is one species that is capable of doing the contortion such as many demonic species do they may not mean to startle you but at times they can contort their bodies. This species specializes in talk city hunting and much more . They have visions of the future and are not interested so much exchanges for power or providing what she wants the species as primer and exists only to succeed at survival they excel at it.

They have specific markings on their face that have flames... These flames don't really have any specific color as it just depends on the environment that the clan that they are from lives near and survive driving off of.

For example the one pictured lives near a volcanic and jungle area so hurt hair has green use and her flames are orange like the volcanic fire.


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