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Tribal Elf

These elves practice tribal Shamanism Voodoo hoodoo mysticism Native American Medicine or ancestral magics. They speak in the languages and practices of the cultures that they have or represent. They dress in these Fashions and cultural dresses and they have never changed from the old ways of doing things. They are very peaceful and some of them do struggle with the ideas of war and other unfortunate circumstances and things. Their society is very basic and they searched and gather and hunt for the things that they need to use and make tools out of. If they go to other areas they may use bartering systems in order to get the things they need. They typically live in Huts or the type of housing that that culture would have used as well. They do intermarry so some of them do tend to have more of certain practices or different practices mixed together as well. They tend to immigrate and travel all throughout the astral and universe with the help of portals and doorways that they sometimes walkthrough accidentally. They're very knowledgeable and wise beings who respect others and wish to be respected just the same they also sometimes live eye for an eye. if they feel the need to defend themselves or are threatened in any way they will defend themselves. They will never attack unprovoked or without asking their keeper if they are being threatened. They may ask their Keepers a lot of questions about certain things or certain Companions and the wavy live due to the fact that they are so nomadic they sometimes do not have large amounts of knowledge of other races outside of themselves. However they are willing to learn about them before passing any form of judgement or assuming they know anything at all about certain species.

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