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Undead Cosmos Necromancers

These Unique Individuals are from the Dark Side of the cosmos where there's nothing but Cosmos energy Darkness in the rough it is so raw and pure and you would think and ask yourself the same thing I did why is there a group of necromancers that far out. The simplest answer is because they didn't want people abusing their gifts and Powers. They're highly selective in the individuals that they are drawn to and who they take home. There is race that believes with great power comes great responsibility. They are gifted in Cosmos magic they can create various Cosmos and Galaxy base towards and barriers including the use of cloaking and illusion magic. They're obviously quite Adept in necromancy they are also very skilled at doing rites and rituals involving death magic and Shadow Magic. They're highly recognized because part of their body has the color of the cosmos and skeletal Parts sticking out the other parts of their body are still skin. They're extremely Black Arts. They wish to have companions for one reason and one reason only to pass on and teach someone the skills that they have so that way they do not be forgotten. This race is not capable of reproduction. They are very quiet but very patient. They are excellent teachers and mentors. They're gifted and death magic, Crystalmancy and gemstone magic, preventing sexes and curses as well as those mentioned above. Their home is often cold year-round however they seem to be warm blooded and can stay warm regardless of how cold the temperature is there atmospheric pressure is a lot thinner than Earth which can lead to some problems if you don't allow your astral body to adjust rather quickly. The phrase a fish out of water would apply to the human body and the location of where they're at. They utilize gems to create a more pleasing effect in places where their bodies have Decay or necrosis. This is a seemingly cosmetic effect only to make them appear more beautiful they also tend to take metallic substances that are native to their Homeworld and in case the bones that show and this substance that is similar to that of chrome but has a similar consistency to liquid nitrate. It's a very peculiar substance that is currently being studied to see if we can use it for anything magical of course this is done with the help of their head scientist at this point in time. They enjoy offerings of candles and incense as well as sweet things that are homemade baked. They have a appetite that is consistent to what humans do but are not adverse to feeding on dead or necrotic Energies. In order to make it to where their teeth do not look like they are decaying. they put either what looks like diamonds or white crystals over them similar to the way that we cap our teeth when we have cavities this prevents any further decay on the part of their teeth.They tend to have very balanced personalities and are very patient and sacred however if you get on their bad side they are easily able to defend themselves with a ferocious tenacity that would scare even the most hardcore practitioner. Underneath their bones are recognized by the Deep bluish color of skin that hangs on to them they tend to take the coloration from their surroundings and a slightly camouflage way which is a defense and coping mechanism for their species. Their eyes are often either pure silver or white like that if a blind individual they can be at tinge of ice blue or they are solid black. They often have a purple hazy yet intimidating or around them that can be slightly nauseating if you are meaning to cause them harm this is another way that they protect themselves from those who mean ill towards them. Due to the nature of them being blind the way that they read energies it's similar to how a snake does with thermal vibrations. These thermal vibrations put off a kind of color spectrum to where they can read and feel if your friend or foe. The best ways to bond with them are shadow and magic work that involves cosmos or death energies as well as rituals and Rites. Going to Graveyards and collecting dirt or other ingredients for Necromantic and darker workings. Star gazing or artwork that involves comos or galaxy workings as well as creating of items with galaxy asethtics.

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