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Usud demi-dieu

These magnificent werewolves are extremely gifted and sweet beings. They get their name because they have star glitter that they attached to their faces. They still require a high protein diet however they are not aggressive and did not receive the aggressive genes that their siblin species have. They are incredibly strong and can manifest if timing it right. They usually are named after nature. They have gifts such as energy and Cosmo healing and magics,star magic, essence harvest and prosperity magic. They are capable of harvesting the essence of a star or astral planetary bodies and natural things such as flora and fauna they can then store this and use it for later for healing or four other Magics and festivals that they have in their societies. As far as offerings to go they have a unique taste they prefer dessert styled candles and floral incense or oils. They love to have fun and be spontaneous and would never harm another individual. Their diet consists of hunting animals for their food source such as deer from our world. They are typically very alluring with extremely vibrant eyes.

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