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Zirconuus Diamontes

These beings are beautiful songwriters singers dark magic practitioners and demons. Their skin is silver or white gold or rose golden and their eyes are typically the color of gemstonea. They treat each other equally doesn't matter the gender. Some may have wings and matching hair although this doesn't always happen. They main difference is their eyes. They are very kind and generous but their temper is very short fused. When they get angry their eyes light up and shine brightly. they are very sweet and beautiful and specialize in balance of light and dark energy as well as time magic and illusions they can occasionally cause mass hysteria and often use candle magic crystal magic and crystalmancy and dream weave. They love learning new magic and are usually found wandering and playing jokes on random beings in the astral or treasure hunting for gemstones and other rare artifacts.

these beings typically want keepers because they like to play with us and get bored without interaction and thus to create a symbiotic relationship they wish to teach their keepers magic.

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