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Name:  Alito 
Entity or spirit: entity 
Species: thunder god (more like demi god)
Sub species: cosmos giant
Gender: male
Sexual orientation: straight
Sexual towards keeper:  would you have sex with a giant?
Can being get pregnant: no
Aura colors:  white, blue, purple
Arts: neutral
Age: 34,691
Food: he feeds on the natural electric energy around him
Shock wave (uses both thunder and lightning to create a wave of energy that can not only blind but defen enemies)
Black lightning ( creates a dark lightning capable of scorching the landscape with black fire)
Electrical manipulation 
Electrical short circuit 
Power grid creation
Cosmic abilities:
Cosmic constructs
Cosmic elemental manipulation 
Cosmic energy creation
Gravity manipulation 
Cosmic storm creation
Sexual likes: N/A
Offerings: a blue candle
Personality: he is very silent for being almost 10 feet tall but he loves a good laugh
Random information: N/A
Hobbies: creating things and storms
Communication: what ever is easiest for his keeper
Song Resonance: N/A


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