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 This ancient spell passed down from an elder Fairy to myself. Has a very unique and beautiful way of working although this is considered mirror magic and is a dark arts spell it is very beneficial to the keeper and the individual using it or who purchases at. The spell comes with one recast. This recast is free of charge this will make the spell last a total of 60 days or two months. This is not a permanent spell. This spell will show you one of three things. I can either show you your astral self soul and only you when you look in the mirror each time. It can show you your higher self when you look in a mirror each time. The last and final thing that it will show you is your true self flaws and all if you look in the mirror each time. It can also show you all the nasty emotions the bad things and the good things. This can be overwhelming and very intense. After looking in a mirror before you go to bed it didn't happens and you see it in your dream. You will have a vision styled dream of what you look like to others, to yourself, to your companions,energy, skin tone, everything. This spell creates a very intense experience for the one who purchases at. It is not advised for anyone who has less than 2 years of dark arts experience. This is due to the intensity of the spell.

Ancient Fae Scrying Spell

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