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This is a living weapon premade: 


Amor blessings:

Ostara:  blesses the being or in individual who wears this with wealth and abundance.

Inanna: blesses the wearer of this armor with knowledge of Peace but the acceptance of making War and knowing what wars are worth the cost.

Asdzáá nádleehé also known as Changing Woman: blesses and graces the wearer with transformation change acceptance and spiritual truths. 

Morena: blesses the wearer to where the coldness of winter will not hinder their journeys.

Apollo: blesses the wearer to always feel the warmth of the sun and not know fear only courage. 

Gaia: grounds the wearer and gives powers of the elements on a small level.



once purchased a download link with full write up. Will be bound shortly after Order is completed. 

Aqua Ninja

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