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 Think  of this individual as someone who procures you ingredients were any of your spell work. These individuals excel at finding extremely hard to find and ingredients.  In order to go to these hard to reach places they have to be able to use magic shape shifting abilities glimmering distortion and a variety of other skills. The way that these individuals typically dress is very sleep and you can tell that they are typically cybermedic and mechanical because underneath their sleep exterior part of them has been  Under God body augmentations and modifications to where you can tell they're not quite right. This is all the rage in Aspire so in order for them to procure the best parts for some of their clients black market work is a necessiyy. They also excel and prosperity and bringing of wealth they have been known to bring their keeper the artifacts blue prints and treasures.  These individuals don't have much as far as family goes  This is due to the fact that from a younger age they joined the black markets and their families don't really Talk to them or had much to do with them anymore. Occasionly they can become upset due to this I need reassurances.  They are very supportive and loving companions and entirely alluring and sensual. They have their own get togethers so that way they can connect with one another kind of like their own small families. They call these their own festivals and holidays. They enjoy offerings of you actually spending your time with them as well as bonding with them isn't little bit more difficult then some of the other beins that skies of fate have due to this i do reccomend having   at least one year of experience.  However it is ok to have  less as I can locate one that would be ok with this.

Aspire Blackmarket Procurer

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