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These unique and darkly natured demons are of a completely cybernetic exoskeleton. Nobody is actually seen their inside as the cybernetics completely surrounded their bodies as if it's an armor to where if you don't see what they ever truly look life the last person who did didn't live to see the day . They're highly skilled protectors their price for their combat abilities and a lot of individuals leave them alone because a how creepy they look and how intimidating there and energy feels. They're highly skilled in areas such a sigil work necromancy poison making as well as the others it is not advisable to ask is individual to open your 3rd eye unless you feel like you need a optical surgery that made fastly change the bigger 3rd eye sees. In enemy's They have been known to induce madness and nightmares simply by being seen. They are vicious carnivores the nature and enjoy offerings of blood bones and black candles but every now and again a cybernetic trinket or new artifacts games their curiosity and morbid fascination. You often will not see these individuals if you do get a portal to aspire because they live in the underground the sewers the places that light never reaches due to this when you get them as a companion they may have to have a time period of adjustment that can take approximately one white due to the difference in lighted they may become a more nocturnal companion then previously so

Aspire Demons

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