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Name: Astaria Type: Spirit Binding Species: Demigoddess of the Stars Gender: Female Arts: Dusk Age: 2134 Aura: blue purple and black Energy: like looking up at the night sky Food: vegan Gifts: * Comos magic * Divination * Essence harvesting * Crystalmancy * Healing * Spellcasting Offerings: lavender incense Orientation: straight Personality: sweet considerate generous cheery kind romantic girly friendly easy and truthful Communication: telepathy Bio: She is beautiful inside and out and likes to keep it that way she's kind but also very brutally honest. She never lies or holds anything back no matter how i makes you feel. In her free time enjoys painting and unique ways as well as singing and creating new inventions for people to use. She lived a long life that was happy healthy and full of many adventures. She enjoys telling stories about the times when she was alive and have these Adventures she will tell them to Young keep members and anyone who will listen and find them entertaining some of them taught her lessons others didn't. In the end she ended up settling down and having a family and so many of their Generations past she died at roughly 350 years old(thats in human years) in her sleep.


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