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Pink Supermoon Conjure
This extremely unique an exclusive contract came forward  out of last night's energy. They are gifted and illusion magick manifestation Magic helping with black spells and black magic rituals that you may not necessarily be comfortable with doing yourself due to experience or whatever the situation may be. They have pink skin and a jet black and jeweled tail. Often they do not wear tops and can be considered a nudist of sorts. They collect Trinkets and various Gems and Jewelry and I kind of underground Cavern or Cove where a lot of them typically Kongregate. They are very protective and kind of rebellious as a species hole however they're also extremely polite and sweet and exude the smell of a black cherry. This is often used to compel persuade or help calm down pray or loved ones that might be feeling a little antsy stressed or upset about something it keeps the tension in situations from ever reaching a fever pitch.  They communicate with water spring dreams and often telepathy. They can  make noises like dolphin calls and whale sounds. They enjoy offerings of pink candles or wax melts with lovely fruity smells pink petals from any springtime flower. Rose quartz drenched and charged in Moonlight whether it's a supermoon or not they are even more thrilled if it's during a pink moon this is like the best gift you could give them. They love shiny objects as well as cherries and other various fruits that are very sweet some that are tart and have different tastes as far as the fruit goes. If you do not feel comfortable leaving the fruit on your altar than you can exchange this for a fruit smelling  incense or an oil.


History Lifestle and More
They're often found in warmer Waters but down in the depths they can still swim up to the surface and often find themselves wandering around the coral reefs and codes that people enjoy scuba diving. The illusion magick that they use comes in handy when they see a scuba diver they use illusion magic for them to look like something else as a defense mechanism that they have learned over time. There was a point in time entry historical history where humans and animals were forced to go into the water. They were the result of a friend assign Union between a pink water mammal and a humanoid individual. The stuff that they do give live birth when they are entities.  Their diet is a omnivore and they eat small krill small fish shrimp other Crustaceans as well as fruits and underwater flowers and plant life. As a result of this they do have sharper teeth that sometimes looks like shark teeth but smaller. They're very much in tune with the chaos elements and water elements and have an affinity for the pink moon whether it is supermoon or normal, they have an affinity for both. So one coming forward during this event would be extremely potent and strong as far as vibrations and energy frequency goes. 
Their own unique festivals holidays and practices that they adhere to especially during Easter spring and the moons during the springtime months. The natural language that they speak can be a little hard to understand it as well as hard to pronounce. They will only invite you to learn their language and take part in their Customs if they find you worthy and extremely respectful.

Black Cherry Jewel Merfolk

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