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**Black Light Ritual Awaken The Beast**

Arts: shadow magic, mirror magic, ancient Germanic and Gaelic witchcraft.


Open your eyes look in the mirror.. sometimes it's necessary to see the beast inside and know there is not a place you can truly hide. 

What does it do?
 It awakens your senses to accept you for who you truly are the premial side and all.  

How does it work?
 In the astral I take a mirror and a little bit of your energy and a creates A mirror that shows your true self. This is the more beastlier version of your true self the primal energy that you truly are will be shown to you and you will either accept it or you don't however until it's accepted the mere will stay there with you once you accept yourself for the primal parts of you  the mirror will just fade away because the energy that created it is no longer there.

This is aimed for ones primal self, it aids in acceptance and loving this part of oneself as well as becoming more confident in this aspect of ones nature.

Black Light Ritual Awaken The Beast

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