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Blacklight Falls

This amazing astral keep is attached to a realm with luscious forest beautiful waterfalls and springs. These natural Waters and springs often put off Prismatic energy as well as beta, theta, and gamma wavelengths which awaken dormant DNA and are said to heal and awaken the spiritual energies these run at at DNA restore of 550mhz. At night the sky is filled with auoras borealis and is blues purples and greens it is out of this world as a light ethereal glow takes hold and bioluminescence comes to life! The city looks like its carved out of blacklights and has a natural beauty to it the energy and ambiance are out of this world stunning!

How to use:

Focus on the image of the home and meditate or go into a trance as well as you can also focus on it prior to Dreaming in order to use Lucidity to be able to go you can also project or use any number of ways such as by location and plain walking it meant to be easy for any level of keeper to access.

bound in 24hours

Blacklight Falls

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