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this tree is a gorgeous folk lore spiritual tree that is sentient it outputs various energetic waves and frequencies. Then draws the canaries to them. These canaries act as a system similat to how they did in mines.  As you're entering your dream and rem sleep for lucid dreaming the Canary will start to sing a gorgeous song. The Canary in the tree gives you something to focus on allowing you to realize when you have hit lucidity properly.  The point of this construct is to allow you to gain complete control of your lucid  state of being!  Connecting this to the astral realm and your home in the astral realm allows you to use this as a tool to enter into the astral realm well dream walking once you become more advanced at using the tool this requires a large amount of working with said tool on a day-to-day basis. The treat self is somewhat sentient and will occasionly personify as a Fox that matches the leaves of said tree it does this to show you whenever your companions are sending you messages and signals of them being there. These are the 2 different phases of the tree of lucidity.


Dream canaries
 This small and beautiful canaries sing a brilliant song and when they show up in the tree it's to allow you to use them as a tool to meet lucidity completely. There are told that when used well allow you to gain control of your lucid state which can teach you to dream walk if you continue to utilize this tool it will actually help you to be able to astral project and dream walk at the same time which is a form of biocation... this Is meant for beginners but also those who wish to have more control over their States of being. This is not a guaranteed will help you do so right away you must work with the construct to achieve the results you wish to have.



Canary and Tree of Lucidly Construct

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