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Identifying information
° Name:  Chamomile 
° Type: created 
° Species: Weighted snugglers 
° Gender: nonbinary 
° Pronouns:  they/them 
° Orientation:  Asexual 
° Age:  345
° Arts: argia 
° 18+: no
° Can get pregnant: no 

Extra information
• Aura colors:   yellow and blues 
• Sexual likes: n/a
• Random information: they enjoy spring and summer and smelling flowers and being one with nature 
• Hobbies: poetry, spoken word, singing and playing 
• Frequency: 5

Necessary Details
° Food:  omnivore 
° Offerings:  daisy's 
° Personality:   sweet shy timid playful lively talkative and fluffy 
° Communication: whatever their keeper uses best 

"I enjoy spending a loved time in the great outdoors . Very adventurous and tough! There's no one who can beat me up I'm boss I'm fierce and wish me by your side you'll never have to fear!" 

said with a cute smile on and tongue wagging and fur fluffed out all the one drawn will think is how cute this looks

Companion notes:
This companion Has never had anything other than love and happiness in their life thus it chooses to spread love happiness and prosperity to others they are very considerate and impassionate being who has a zest for life and lots of staminum and vigor! They are mischief maker when he wants to be. They are great listener and enjoys spending time with young companions in your keep as well as you yourself.  Theyv are also an excellent listener and great at giving Healthy wholesome advice. 

Lime green and white fur  that's soft as can be they smell like key lime vanilla honey  and vanilla on a spring day honeysuckle wafts all around this companions energy. They are 45 inches tall and have brilliant blue eyes and a soft smile.


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