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The graphic on this listing was created using a digital software program and is not in any way shape or form supposed to represent anything other than a unique graphic that the purchaser can downloand and use to create a deeper connection with their custom once completed.Totem: in the teachings of my people from both my mom and my dad side of my family a totem is something sacred. On my mom's side of my family it is said to bring exactly what it's needed at the right time usually in the spirit of an animal. The great spirit always brings us what we need in our time of need no matter what we always trust in this. It is also a symbolic item that is used to connect and get in touch with specific qualities of that animal off your totem. They bring you knowledge and understanding of the deeper meanings of the world. The purpose of this conjure is for you to have a guide and protector that will help navigate you on your spiritual journey. Each of us are given spiritual gifts(totems) guide us along the good path and stay on the rageous road in our journies.Yin and Yang: The purpose of this conjure is to connect you to both the masculine and The Feminine identities that we each have. It brings you a balance of light and dark and helps you connect Shirley to the yin and yang energies that every being has. This brings balance and Achieve inner peace and funk shway it is very important that we have balance and stability in our life. These conjures help with this . One will be the embodiment of yin the other of yang.



This listing was added to BSOF IN JUNE OF 2018. I am able to properly due this due to asian ancestry and being of two Native American bloodlines. I was taught how to do so by my Greatgrandma and My great great grandfather who are no longer in this realm. I was taught as a child how to properly call on my ancestors for these two types of conjurations.

Totem or Ying Yang Custom conjures

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