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Every once in a while something comes along and you're just in awe of the Vibrations and energy it puts off. This is one of those things.


How is it made?


Over a period of 90 days in the astral which equals out to roughly 3 weeks in the real life zone I take small amounts of energy from your astral body I put them into feathers and into a jar. Charging them with very spells that are all pause these are typically transformation spells to change your life as well as past memories awakening helping with the out of body experiences dream recall the number of combinations that I utilize for this are different depending on each in person who the artifact is created for. Think of it all these blessings and spells that are positive put into a jar with your energy!!! The change that this brings and into your life is highly powerful and palpable.

Does anyone or being aid and assist?

These are created with the Cherokee changing woman, the powerful Comos Diety Tiamat and Maat!! This is a form of primordial magic.


Can anyone else do this service astra?


The answer to this is no the way that I purposely go about creating the artifacts is a way to where I am the only individual who can create them. Other practioners could create something similar.


What makes them so different Astra?


While I will not list every ingredient that I use I will say that some of the ingredients I used are considered things that you should handle extremely carefully for example certain phosphorus substances are used and these if mishandled could mess up everything. I do things in a kosher way which pays my ancestors homage.

Cosmic Black Light Artifact

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