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This is a very unique creation I take the framework of a servitor after it's created which takes me I then checked over to make sure everything with the servitors functioning just the way it is supposed to and then I take a soul from my gestating area the souls have nothing wrong with them they were created their new Souls that have never seen life before this was a gift that I was given buy a couple of my Patron deities for my devout worship of them this is a very unique gift and it is a gift that comes at a price. They gave it to me comforting me after I had lost my children. The gestation area are little blue glowing pods the active wombs and as the being gets bigger and more ready to being fully developed the more quickly that they grow and develop the more quickly that I am able to charge their framework and help teach them things the servitor does have a base memory coding design that matches very well with the soul that is chosen the framework as a New Soul they don't tend to really have gone other other shops

BNV Tier 3 God's Eye Immortal Rank: $600

This rank includes all the previous ranks' abilities as well as the following.

•Customizable Energy Type

•Energy Attuning and Cleansing

•Able To Store Energy

•Able To Create on a small scale

• Can create constructs

•Able To Grow/Evolve/Learn

•Able To Fully Determine Right From Wrong No Matter The Stage Of Life

• Create and Use Sigils

**Including a 20 Page write up**


Daphne Blake Tier 3 BNV Not ELIGBLE for sales

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