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The blood apples help with health, logevity and will help heal one problem and allow you to learn from a past mistake and be thankful in a way you were not prior. However, each blood apple can contain a gift that is not know until you are given the apple.  This is tethered to you and is white arts magic. There is no issues or problems that this can cause and it is beneficial magic and you can do this with other spells, rituals and rites on you as it will not impact how they react or what they do.   These are the apples from Demeter only. Demeter  has bestowed 785 apples.  pictures are only for visual aid and in no way represent what is being purchased.*This can only be done from October to November.if purchased after it will be less potent and will get a free Charging during Thesmophoria the Greek festival of harvest.*

Demeter's Blood Apples 780

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