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**Identifying information**

° Name:  Desira

° Entity or spirit: Entity /BNV

° Species: Nile River Fae Goddess

° Gender: female

° Pronouns: she/her

° Orientation:  bisexual

° Age: 29,095

° Arts: iluna

° 18+: yes

° Can get pregnant: yes

**Extra information**

• Aura colors:  gold

• Sexual likes: n/a

• Random information: n/a

• Hobbies: reading, writing poetry, playing video games.

• Frequency: 5

• Song Resonance: How to Save A Life by The Fray

**Necessary Details**

° Food:  omnivore

° Offerings: lavender and Egyptian Musk

° Personality:   considerate magnetic alluring sensual and sexual playful and outgoing and sexual

° Communication: telepathy and dreams

**The rest comes with Bio**

Desira Not Eligible For Sale

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