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This Doll child is  Seeiani she is 15 in Doll years and is a crazy but fashionable harlequin style jester people have come to love. At times she may come off as sad at other times she may come off as a slightly vindictive she does her best to protect her  keeper and is a very interesting individual. You can hear her walking during throughout the house during the night and day a tiny little footsteps and occasionally maniacal laughter and giggles she is for more of an experienced keeper as when she is upset and does not get enough attention she does have a tendency to play in your hair like a mischievous fae and knot it up or she might taken cut a strand off of your head. Shes also very playful and great with kids but with adults can be impatient. The purpose of these individuals is to prepare somebody who's interested in starting up a collection of haunted dolls.

Doll Child creation

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